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The importance of website speed and mobile optimization

It has been over a decade since we have started designing and revamping websites for our clients. Over that period of time, we have noticed a lot of issues that need rectifying when our clients hire us to redo their websites.

As of late, a couple of main issues that we see on outdated websites is the time it takes to load a webpage and the sites not being optimized for mobile.

This causes a problem since people get frustrated when pages don't load in a timely fashion or when the content is not displayed correctly when looking at it on their phones.

What happens in these cases is a loss of interest even when you are offering something that matches the viewers needs. The viewer tends to look for other similar offerings in these instances.

For these reasons we always make sure that our clients websites look good on all devices and load as fast as possible.

If you have a outdated site that has a slow loading time or is not optimized for mobile devices then you are likely losing valuable clients.

We strongly advise considering our services and we will help you get your site up to par as quickly as possible.

Please fill out our visitors form so that we can better understand your business needs. We will respond with a free quote.


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